Universal Outreach


Universal Outreach Church is family-centered and kid-friendly. We seek to ensure that our children from the cradle to adult-hood are exposed to the basics of the Word of God. The Children’s Church is fun and engaging on Sunday Mornings at 10:30am during the main worship service.

Universal Youth Leadership & STEAM Academy

ULSA is an Educational Youth Program of the Universal Community Improvement Organization, a Nonprofit 501(c)3 Community-Based Grassroots Organization. ULSA emphasizes the importance of academics, dance, the arts, social skills and values in shaping the lives of our children. Our goal is to be a leader in our community in providing programs that promote excellence in academics and the arts.  Our staff, volunteers and community partners work together to accomplish our goals and promote the values and vision that we embrace. 

ULSA Website

Mentorship for Children and Youth

Universal Outreach Church participates with ULSA, Ezekiel Ministries and other organizations in providing mentoring for children and youth of UOC families and  those of our community who are referred to us.  All of these ministry efforts are coordinated in conjunction with ULSA.

Mental Health and Crisis Counseling

Our partnership with ULSA and other agencies affords us the opportunity to assist individuals with care during times of crisis.  We have a team of counsellors, psychologists and social workers who work in conjunction with other agencies in order to provide care for individuals in need.

Karate for Youth and Adults

Led by our own, Sensei (Pastor) Anthony Ramsey.  The classes meet on Tuesday evenings at 5 (for youth).  And at 6:00 for persons 13 & above.  The classes are designed to be an introduction to the Martial Arts.  More in-depth class are available and will entail a fee.


Whether you’re a couple looking to grow your marriage, a mom seeking encouragement, a college student looking for a place to belong, or a man with a desire to study God’s word with other men, we have something for you!

Couples and Family United

The CFU promotes our pastor’s vision to encourage, strengthen, and give wholesome guidance to married couples and families. Monthly Zoom and in-person sessions are held for couples and families.  The schedule of the meetings is posted at the beginning of each month.

The King’s Men

The King's Men is a gathering of men is the umbrella group for our men’s ministries and activities. Just as “Iron Sharpens Iron,” good men can help other men to be their best; challenging them to “give back” to the community through our many community service activities, and through mentorship of community children. Activities are held throughout the month. Our Universal Outreach men work together with other groups in our church to coordinate special outreach activities with community children and families.

Women's Ministry

UOC’s Women’s ministry teams are at the core of our church.  Women meet and gather several times per month as a group and weekly in Small Groups.  The Women’s Saturday Book Club meets twice per month for fellowship, snacks, and for inspirational discussions of our designated books. On the 3rd Sunday of each month, the women of God lead the worship service on Sunday.  Our First Lady, one of our female leaders or a guest delivers the Message for the morning worship.  Sister-2- Sister is a Small Group of women that meets bi-monthly for coaching, prayer, accountability and fellowship.  Our women’s ministries are multigenerational in scope, focusing on the needs of women of all ages, single/married, mothers/grandmothers, guardians/foster parents, etc.

U-Next: The Millennials

 U-Next serves as the bridge in the life of Universal Outreach Church to connect Millennial members and their friends with opportunities for fellowship, fun, and growth in their faith. They work closely with the Sub-40s and with the Youth Department in order to keep all the connection between all of our youth and young adults. U-Next members are serving and leading in several areas of ministry, including music, guest services, Audio & Visual, Youth and more.

Prayer Warriors

A group of persons who commit themselves to daily intercessory prayer for others and who join the pastor, other leaders and members in weekly prayer times for corporate prayer. They also participate in other prayer gatherings with other churches and groups.  Our Intercessors meet throughout the week.

The One Stop Service Network (OSN)

Universal Outreach Church is a “Village Church.”  We believe that ministry is best done in teams and that when we do not have the resources within our church family, we partner with other ministries, educational, businesses, our local school districts, the SC Department of Social Services, Mental Health, food banks, Family Service groups, and other organizations to serve the needs of individuals and families in crisis.

Street Evangelism and Outreach Team

The SEOT meets monthly to pray, plan and implement Evangelism and outreach activities in 
Friarsgate, Irmo and in the Columbia area. We share the Gospel directly with individuals in our 
community. We also partner with other organizations in giving food, clothing, and in providing 
services to individuals and families. 


Universal Outreach Church Worship and Arts Ministry is a unit of individuals who offer a “sacrifice of praise” through the ministries of music, dance, and arts ministry. We work together in excellence through weekly study, training and spiritual preparation to create an atmosphere that leads people into the presence of God.

Music, Dance & Arts Ministry

This ministry encompasses all aspects of the church's music ministry, including the band, the praise and worship teams, the choirs, music programs, etc. This department includes Praise Dancing, Flag Ministry and other artistic expressions of praise and worship. Special arts and dance presentations are made during varying seasons of the year.


Universal Outreach Church we are a family-centered church; serving the needs of families in Irmo and all of Northwest Columbia. We are here to serve you! 

Guest, Member Services and Hospitality

The Guest Services committee works along with other units of our family to ensure that our guests and friends have an uplifting, enjoyable, and memorable experience during and after their visit at Universal Outreach Church. They greet you upon arrival, assist you with directions, answer your questions, and take you to your seat, all while attending to the special needs of children and family members. They also share gifts and assist with after-visit care. Their goal can be summed up in our motto, to make our guest feel that Universal Outreach Church is “A Place That You Can Call Home.”


Our hospitality unit serves weekly by attending to the personal needs of, and special care for, leaders, their guests, and other guests who visit with us. They coordinate the meals, receptions and repasts for weekly services and special events. Their goal is to ensure that you will take a “taste” of Universal Outreach Church with you after your visit with us. 

Safety & Security

Ensuring the safety and security of our members, guests, and friends is essential and of primary importance to Universal Outreach Church. We utilize both professional and voluntary personnel to ensure that we provide a safe environment at all times. Moreover, we do background checks to ensure that volunteers are qualified to work with children and with persons with special needs.


This ministry provides transportation to and from church activities and for special church outings. Call the church if you need transportation, (803) 233-9299.